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Instant digital. Instant access to the online mass-market.

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Today’s insurance customers want regular engagement through digitised channels. After all, the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Uber have transformed the way people shop, communicate and move. A digitally enabled business that features instant, 24/7 engagement at all touchpoints on any device will appeal new generations – rapidly forming the bulk of global insurance customers.

If you’re a broker/agent, are these some of your challenges?


Are you restricted by financial regulations and geographical market access?


Are you good at selling to your customers, but hampered by manual, face-to-face processes?


Is your workflow costly to scale and hampered down by 9 to 5 administration?


Do you have limited access to insurtech, as well as new online and mobile-distribution opportunities?


Are your customers demanding digital access to insurance products and their administration?


Do you have limited information about digital business models, end-to-end processes and technology?

Fast-track digitisation with Briisk.

Using instant, continuous, lean, deep and dynamic tech and services, Briisk digitises your business and meets the digital expectations of your customers.

With Briisk, you …

  1. Access a click-and-transact, regulations-compliant, insurance product solution, connected directly to the end-customer. Instant access to the online mass market.
  2. Tap into a fully hosted, digital tech solution with API and payment integration. Instant digital.
  3. Automate business processes and digitise your workflows across the value chain: Quote gathering, underwriting, advising, buying, policy acquisition and servicing, claims servicing, premium management, distribution and customer interfaces.
  4. Reduce the cost of customer acquisition and administration overheads.
  5. Reap the rewards of targeted products and personalised customer management - all while slashing the need for face-to-face engagement.
  6. Scale your business. Add digital as a distribution channel and obtain a much wider geographic and target-audience reach.
  7. Meet the customer’s digital expectation. Reduce the friction of the buying process with easy, universal functionality.
  8. Give your agents full control of how and when they reach out to customers.
  9. Build an agent lock-in factor: provide easy plug-in to a fast digital distribution channel with innovative products at flexible prices.

Instant access to tech and digital insurance products.
With Briisk, you…


Get instant access to digital insurance products


Get instant access to digital distribution channels


Get streamlined, tailor-made customer management


Get seamless solutions for the AI age


For Your Agent


Your customers will love

Digital insurance, instantly. Digital marketplace, instantly.
Briisk Insur-Fintech. Instant Results.

Do all this, by using Briisk's Services…

Briisk Instant Transaction Platform Services

Briisk Low-Touch user inTerface creaTor

Briisk System Admin

Briisk Corporate Interface

Briisk White Label

Briisk e-Commerce API

Briisk Mobile App


Briisk Instant Insurance API

Click-and-transact, regulations-compliant, instant insurance API, with...

  • Briisk White Label
  • Briisk e-Commerce API
  • Briisk Mobile App

Briisk Instant Credit API

Click-and-transact instant credit API. Instant transactions.

Briisk Instant FX API

Click-and-transact instant FX API. Instant transactions.

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