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Want to provide access to insurance online? –
Briisk technology makes it easy.

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The insurance market and its legacies create a prohibitive barrier to new entrants. From complex product and -pricing models to required balance sheets, from strict regulations to massive workflow complexities, the insurance value chain is hard to penetrate.

If you’re an insurtech company, are these some of your challenges?


Are you restricted by financial-services regulations?


Is your tech limited and not scalable fast enough?


Are your digital insurance products limited in depth, such as in the automation of administration and/or claims processes?

Fast-track Insur-Fintech with Briisk.

Using instant, continuous, lean, deep and dynamic tech and services, Briisk makes capitalising on your digital business model easy.

With Briisk, you …

  1. Get access to a digital platform to power any digital distribution strategy, accommodating individual and group insurance products across all lines of the insurance business.
  2. Scale your business easily. Ranging from short-term to life insurance, and medical cover to niche markets such as drone insurance, Briisk partners with insurers to offer a broad list of insurance products, across many geographical locations.
  3. Use modern micro-services architecture and API integrations to power any digital insurance-distribution strategy via mobile or the web.
  4. Gain targeted product concepts, as well as data-driven decision-making and insights. You don’t have to build a brand-new system. Partner with Briisk.
  5. Focus on insurtech development and marketing: No need to hire and manage an IT team or infrastructure.
  6. Administer the insurance product’s complete life cycle, from reinsurer to end-customer.
  7. Are able to focus your resources on the business of customer acquisition and staying ahead of the customer’s rapidly evolving digital expectations.

Provide access to insurance online. Instant tech.
Digital insurance, instantly. Tech, instantly. Partner with Briisk.


Get instant access to digital insurance products


Get instant access to digital distribution channels


Get streamlined, tailor-made customer management


Get seamless solutions for the AI age


Your customers will love

Digital insurance, instantly. Digital marketplace, instantly.
Briisk Insur-Fintech. Instant Results.

Do all this, by using Briisk's Services…

Briisk Instant Transaction Platform Services

Briisk Low-Touch user inTerface creaTor

Briisk System Admin

Briisk Corporate Interface

Briisk White Label

Briisk e-Commerce API

Briisk Mobile App


Briisk Instant Insurance API

Click-and-transact, regulations-compliant, instant insurance API, with...

  • Briisk White Label
  • Briisk e-Commerce API
  • Briisk Mobile App

Briisk Instant Credit API

Click-and-transact instant credit API. Instant transactions.

Briisk Instant FX API

Click-and-transact instant FX API. Instant transactions.

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