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Briisk Mobile App

Android/IOS mobile app. Instant mobile transactions: Briisk Mobile App

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‘The insurance industry is witnessing a slow but certain evolution and the two key forces driving this are connected technologies and data analytics. The Internet of Things (IoT) has moved beyond hype to actual use cases being explored by insurers, especially in the smart home space. IoT and data analytics are slowly driving a shift toward a focus on proactive risk management and risk mitigation. Mobile apps, especially, are being extensively leveraged by insurers across business lines to help customers better manage their health, lifestyle, or property, thus creating a win-win situation by enhancing customer experience as well as lowering claims costs.’
- Cap Gemini, Insurance Report

Briisk’s Mobile App interfaces are geared towards making insurance and financial services easily accessible for everyone.

Briisk Instant Transaction Platform and Briisk Mobile App – SureBüddy India

Customer Benefits

  • Free insurance paid for by time spent watching ads
  • $1,000 cover — financial inclusion in emerging markets
  • Easily accessible insurance via an app
  • Accessible for everyone, via Android


  • Unique, innovative insurance product
  • Rapid implementation
  • Demonetised insurance using ad revenue
  • Access to online mass-marketplace
  • Major scalability
  • Easy customisation for multi-languages and multi-currencies

Demonetised Insurance through Ad Revenue

Mass-Market Mobile App for Android Users

Life Insurance $1,000 Cover

Easy Customisation

Instant Transactions

Major Scalability