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Briisk provides fully automated, scalable digital processes to distribute insurance products underwritten by top insurers and tailored to meet the needs of your consumers and groups.

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Ease of the Briisk Bancassurance Solutions


Instant and continuous access to every step of the Insurance value chain 


Adaptable and Scalable Cloud Capabilities without rebuilding your current application set-up 


Rapid Product Development and DistributionDeployment 


Automation of Data Reporting and Reconciliations


Ease of Integration of insurance and bank networks utilising brandable web and mobile interfaces 


A Team of Briisk Advisory Expertsto support and guide you through the challenges of Compliance, Funding, Sales and Customer Retention Strategies 


Differentiation and Digitisation of Processes


Customised Products or Embedded Products meeting the needs of specific customer segments 


Being ISO 27001 certified, all relevant global security standards are adhered to at Briisk. Be confident that your company's data is sufficiently protected

Frequently Asked Questions

Bancassurance is challenging, so here are some helpful insights about how it can work for you.

What is bancassurance?

Selling of insurance products through banking  channels.  

What other insurance products does Briisk offer?

Life, health, travel, vehicle, home, education, cyber insurance, as well as art and events insurance.

Are operational costs lower?

Using Briisk fully digitised comprehensive workflow and our Instant Transaction Platform (ITP), eliminates many obstacles, therefore lowering the overall cost.

Will I be able to understand the insurance value chain?

Yes, Briisk will make sure processes are shared and made clear to you, so that future implementation can be done smoothly.

What makes Briisk different?

Briisk connects banks and insurers with uninsured mass market customers across Africa, Middle East & India, through fully digitised, scalable distribution channels.

Briisk has modernised the way people do insurance through the development of digitised insurance products.

Does this partnership with Briisk save me time?

Briisk ITP will save you time by offering a full house bancassurance solution; we take care of the insurance product, distribution, collect and provide an admin panel for reporting.

Bancassurance Solution & Briisk Advisory as a service (AaaS) is your Complete Solution

Briisk Advisory helps you sail through whatever other concerns you have. Some of our standard offerings are:
- Distribution channel design & development
- Insurer selection / tendering / project packaging
- Distribution Partner Development
- Go to market strategic execution
- Initiative Funding (reinsurers)
- Marketing, lead Generation, campaign management
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