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Loan Origination Automation (LOA) Solution

LOA Verfication
An end-to-end process allowing you to instantly originate customers with the least human intervention by enabling a real-time loan approval and disbursement service.

LOA improves user experience & lowers customer drop-off
ID verification and Quote-and-buy are the two biggest customer onboarding-killers in the Credit/Lending market. LOA streamlines the entire lending process by digitising pre-qualification, loan application, underwriting and loan finance!
Transform your Legacy Lending Process to 100% Digital Loan Origination with LOA:
• Customer submits Personally Identifiable Information (PII) via web portal.
• Data checks validate information accuracy, authenticity, and completeness.
• Digital KYC & ID Verification helps avoid AML/CFT flagged or sanctioned individuals.
• Customers see Credit Worthiness & Loan limits through credit-score & Underwriting rule engines.
• Online Pay-out Integration allows a loan to be disbursed directly into the customer’s bank account.
• Integrated Loan Management System (LMS) manages interest rates, term, loan collection automation and product.

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Plug-n-play solution* for the Success of Your Credit Business:
With LOA, optimise & increase your lending distribution multi-fold:

• Minimise the manual entry of critical loan information
• Onboard qualified borrowers
• Reduce processing time from parallel processing of loan application documents
• Increase efficiency, decision speed & productivity to enhance customer experience
• Reduce turnaround and loan processing time while efficiently handling the fluctuations in loan volume
• Embed insurance products into loan origination
process such as Credit Life Insurance at no extra cost
• Skip manual underwriting methods, spreadsheets, as a typical illustration of today’s lenders’ challenge
* Please note that LOA is a Plug-n-play solution if your website is pre-integrated with LMS. If not, integrated with LMS, LOA + LMS integration to be completed as per the Business Requirement Document (BRD)
LOA Flow
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LOA + BPS = Business-in-a-box (BPS - Briisk Professional Services)
• Digital Marketing Lead Generation services
• Alternative Distribution Channel Acquisition services
• CRM, Analytics and Technical Marketing operations services

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