Development Partner Programme

The Development Partner Programme is for companies that have built specialised insurance applications and would like to integrate them with the Briisk ITP and that want to build applications on the Briisk ITP.
Become a development partner!

Grow your insurance business.

Deliver speed to market and scale of insurance distribution to your clients.

Build insurance application
Successful Development Partners start with a customer problem in mind and build a solution that solves that problem. We give you access to our API documentation and a dedicated development sparring partner to bounce of Briisk API specific issues.
If you wish to integrate your existing insurance application with the Briisk ITP, the dedicated development sparring partner will help you integrating your APIs with the Briisk ITP.

List your insurance application
Once you’ve built or integrated your app, you can add your application listing tho the Briisk ITP. Once it’s approved, your insurance solution is accessible to the users and clients of Briisk and in the Briisk ITP ecosystem.

Your benefits

Product Building

Our Product Builder is the simplest and most flexible in the insurance industry. We help you build any innovative insurance product to solve any problem.


With the Briisk ITP you will put your application solution in front of a dozen of product owners and distribution partners that are all looking for specific solutions to their insurance problems and business challenges.

Technical Support

As you are building your innovative insurance application, you get direct access to our developer support and partner manager to help you innovate at speed.


Our growing ecosystem community stays connected through demo events and trainings. Tap into the wisdom of our partner community and continue growing your own skills through their expert knowledge.

Become a development partner!

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Get demo

Let us give you an overview of the Briisk ITP and how it can improve your business processes.
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