Distribution Affiliate Programme

Are you an e-commerce portal and are these some of your challenges? Is your product portfolio highly competitive? Are your margins low? Have you thought of adding financial services to your product portfolio, but are hindered by complex financial regulations? Do you struggle with technical implementation of complex and slow legacy systems?

We help you add more revenue to your business.

You can diversify your business by adding insurance to your product offering.

By integrating your existing distribution channels on the Briisk ITP and providing your brokers and agents with digital interfaces, your existing distribution channels can scale much faster and at lower cost. Additionally, you can integrate with our continuously growing network of distribution channels. 
Diversify your Business
Add insurance products to your product offering and be less dependent on your current product portfolio.
Add Revenue to your Bottom Line
Earn additional revenue on every insurance product sold
Offer your Customers bespoke Products
Give your customers access to innovative insurance products that help them safeguard their families and financial well-being.
Offer Credit Solutions for higher Conversion
Offer your customers an instant credit solution which offers increased conversion of high value products

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Let us give you an overview of the Briisk ITP and how it can improve your business processes.
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